About Us

MageSysTech Inc.

is a dedicated information technology services company that has produced over 200 projects – from websites, ERP’s, Software Systems and Rich Internet Applications since it was established 2009.


MageSysTech started as a Web Application solution providers for international clients, mainly in the United States, handling small to medium sized Ecommerce Online Stores. With the growing Application Development from simple functionalities to a complete System, we innovate ourselves to create each module and by the year 2015 we launched our customized System Solutions.


MageSysTech Inc. offers a Customized and personalized system that will adapt to our client’s current management from input to quality output. Everything is monitored and controlled by the client as the Admin, giving the client statistics and reports in real time. It will streamline all activity on a single server providing a unified data and statistics. Usual problems encountered such as human errors, data loss, miscommunication, countless hours of troubleshooting data problems, miscalculation and theft will be avoided.