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Advantages of Magesystech’s Configured Solution



Customization seems to be more costly at the first glance. In fact, on the contrary – customization of an open source solution is usually much cheaper than the cost of the out-of-the-box system license.



Both market and companies are constantly changing. The ERP system is expected to correspond to these fluctuations. In case of standard solution obviously new software should be installed every time. Customized system is much more likely to comply with the development of business processes.



Flexibility of reports is directly related to a system’s efficiency. Thus, within the standard ERP system users receive much irrelevant data and might pass over important information, which is unacceptable in terms of dynamic and highly competitive market environment.



Standard solutions offer many elements, functions and processes, useless or even confusing for employees. Customization leaves only the functionality indeed necessary for the company’s activity.

Increase company improvements by

Job growth0%
Market research0%
Result analysis0%
Strategy development0%

Benefit of MST ERP


Improve data quality and accessibility.


A unified database is the predominant ERP feature that connects the various levels and departments of an organization. With a single source for data that is automatically collected, consolidated, organized and analyzed ( largely without human input), you get accurate and reliable information to guide decisions.


Advance reporting and planning.


These are a direct result of having a single source of information. You can quickly generate any kind of reports – financial, sales, operational. inventory, procurement, administrative, etc. Likewise the analytical capabilities of .MAGE ERP greatly support corporate planning by providing you detailed insights and useful metrics on business performance and operational status.


Standardized and simplified business.


.MAGE ERP system is built around proven business processes and best industry practices which help you deliver effective and consistent results. Since .MAGE automates most business activities, it aids in eliminating error, facilitates planning with reporting and bolsters synergy of processes among departments.